Large scale paper based assessment is ideally suited to increase the efficiency of your large scale paper based assessment. The site helps you anonymise the scripts, distribute scans to judges and manage the judging process online. With each script seen by multiple judges you no longer need to worry about standardisation and moderation. Candidates will receive fair results, free from marker bias.

If you have an institutional support account, we even do a lot of the work for you! The process is simple:

  1. You send us a list of candidates
  2. You specify how many pages you would like for your answer sheets and whether you would like them lined or blank
  3. We create a pdf with named and bar coded answer sheets for you to print
  4. When you have finished you send us your scans
  5. We process the scans for you
  6. The processing removes all pupil identifiers for judges and prepares the images for judging
  7. When you have finished judging your results will be automatically matched to your pupil lists

The service is available as part of our institutional support licence. More details on the licence are here:

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